Moi, je suis Francais!

Coo, look at that paint job or tampo job or however Kidrobot have managed to get those super-tight lines onto a teensy 3 inch Dunny. Apeman and I had to do a store check today as part of our busy work schedule and one of the stores we checked was Playlounge. I scored this chaseable little beauty from the french Dunny series by Supakitch and Apeman managed to blag the Tilt one to keep his collection up to date. There are a few belters in this series, my faves include the Skwak, Superdeux and Der pieces yum yum. Quality of deco is outstanding and we're still trying to work out how they did the feathers on the head.


toysrevil said…
tiny gnomes with tiny paint-brushes! they are legion, and they wear KR-tees ... *yikes* LOL

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