Limited Edition . . . take 2

both Luc & i were in Brum on Friday nite for the grand opening of Limited Edition - check very soon for our mini report including snaps of all the great work on display . . . our fav's from the nite include Kenn Munk's card polar bear, Tado's animal print ( on recycled paper ), Phil Corbett's brilliantly funny felt-tip endangered animal characters and a lush squid tentacle 'camo-esq' print by an artist who's name escapes me. Go Go Plastic is a great shop / space & big thx to the shop's posse for making us feel so welcome . . . plus big shout outs to Maz, Nick, Kirsty, Olly ( for organising the show ) and mr Corbett - the car ride back to our hotel was a blast man, if a ickle frustrating ! also hugE shout out to gud friend ToysRevil who broke our exclusive sneaks - check dis link for Luc's work & interview : and dis one for mine (even tho it says Robotboy ) attached are my 3 pieces . . . Luc will post his up later 2day & don't forget : if you're near Go Go Plastic pop in, check the work & if you like anything buy it - all the money raised goes to endangered aninals :)


toysrevil said…
oh fudge me with an ugly-stick! my bad MY BAAAAADDDDD! *I SUCK*

amended with silent apologies :p
TriclopsApeman said…
ahh man, ney worries @ all . . . thx for the switch-a-roo tho :)R

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