LDN Toy Fair : round up !

well, this isn't gonna be a long report . . . myself & robotboy were so stacked we didn't really get to see too much of the actual fair ! a busy (and surprisingly inspiring) 2 days for the Clops : shout out's to all the peepz we met, hooked-up + boozed with . . . far too many to mention :) LDN Toy Fair is a more commerical affair, with most of the big boyz (Hasbro, Lego, Tomy, Corgi, Bandai, Playmobil etc) displaying some nice stuff but, the smaller companies also stand tall & represent. all the big hittin' 08 toy lines (Indy, Speed Racer, Clone Wars, Batman, Transformers, Marvel, Disney / Pixar's Wall.E, Turtles, WWE etc) were all in the house and lookin' OK if a little tired - the toy features that is . . . so there's the koolest toys that caught our 3 eye's : 1. Sprig - Eco Friendly toys : made from 80% recycled plastic, 20% recycled wood . . . so smart & creative, the best thing in the show by a mile ! check them out @ http://www.sprigtoys.com/
2. Spectacular Spider-Man - the new animated series looks lush (http://www.kidswb.com/kids/video for sneaks) but, the toys (Hasbro) look even better ! very Skottie Young (talented comic book artist) inspired . . .
3. Ben 10 - with a live action movie on the way this toy line (Bandai) don't look like slowing down ! the 1st wave of toys (and the cartoon) caught our eye a while back but, the new stuff is even fresher . . . the toys look something between an unleashed StarWars figure & a highly detailed Japanese Capsule figure. unfortunately we weren't allow to take snapz, so you'll have to wait for these to drop !
4. Mighty Muggs - there's gonna be a lot of talk (if not already) if these ickle fellas are right or wrong . . . are Hasbro tryin' to cash-in on the vinyl scene ? or are they bringin' someting new to the slighty tired commerical world ? u decide - we fell in love with the Boba figure : maybe cause it's Boba and the treatment suits the Muggs shape but, it's rockin' never tha less . . . so rockin' i bought one !


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