santa came early yesterday . . . well, mr. mannion dressed up in a white beard & red hoodie ! he kindly gave us one of the 1st blank MOD:1's to hit UK soil - massivE thx mang, we wish you a merry xmas & a stonkin' New Year downUnder - and for all you peepz out there keep ya eyez peeled for a v. special SuperModifiedstudio MOD:1 custom show in tha New Year ! the MOD:1 is a fresh, tasty toy and a great ickle stocking filler . . . so if you fancy picking one up, hurry fast cause they're super limited - only 200 of each design ( currently there's Wi-Fi, CTRL & the blank 1 out there . . . with more designs to follow swiftly : including the lush Zero 7 & Camo versions ! ) so get on down to either Orbital Toys, Playlounge or you purchase online from DKE Toys


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