To the Leftys Quick March!

The Lefty show at Bodhi last night was a big success with lots of nice customs on display tucked away in the bowels of the gallery with the Adfunture shop. Apeman was coming down with monkey-flu but we still managed to hang out with the shakers and groovers into the night (although not as far as some, we sadly didn't make it to the after party). Stand out pieces for us included Playskewl's supertight, high gloss signature-style black, white n' red affair,(he also kindly provided the free-hand signage for the show),
Mike Burnett's quite beautiful redneck-type chap (we were trying to work out how he had applied the graphics so cleanly, maybe stencils? maybe voodoo, who knows) and the Clutter shrunken head plus late arrival, the Peskimo strawberry cup. Overall a very high standard and a nice mixed bag of styles and treatments.
Upstairs was chock-a-block with 2D canvasses and works from Alex at Hi-Calorie and Sichi, we were particularly fond of the magically etched HiCalorie skate deck, we suspect clever machinery was involved somewhere along the line but it made for a very cool effect.
Big thanks to Alex for the opportunity to be a part of the Lefty show, next up is a Teddy Troops custom show in early December.
You can feast your eyes on all of our slightly blurred and not properly annotated photos through the miracle of Flickr


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