OctoPost !

look what turned up in the post 2day . . . Lefty ! we'll keep you updated with what we're gonna do for the up&coming Hi Calorie ( http://www.hicalorie.com/ ) x AdFunture ( http://www.adfuntureworkshop.com/ ) custom show in November @ the Bodhi Gallery, east LDN.


Kenn Munk said…
but hey! you posted that post already! Only it was blue then - I even have a printout, because I fled the country before I got it and wanted to have an idea about the size so I could buy....oh never mind.
TriclopsApeman said…
ahhhhhh soz man - that image we 1st posted was from Alex @ Hi Calorie ! the nu one is actually ours which turned up 2day. it's a small ting about 10cm x 10cm . . . we've sorted our design - no need to buy xtra bits dis time : we're gonna keep it simple & just gonna go at it with a black, phat sharpie ! i'll buzz across some sneaks when nearly finished. peace

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