Reconn Munk !

check out Kenn Munk & Bollard Bob's latest street project . . . u have 2 look closely as the attached snap was taken durin the daytime : at nite time, when the bollard is flashin the results r lush ! the sticker is made from clear vinyl makin it v. stealthy durin the day but, @ nite it's as clear as a lighthouse's light ! we'll post a nite time snap when we get one. PS : shout out 2 all the headz we hooked up with @ Celebration Europe : Kenn, Fuzz, Doorag, ali, maz, nick, sichi, tado, jaKe, neil, & dan - the other dan from dan&dan !


Kenn Munk said…
two thirds of the credit for this goes to someone who, at this time, prefers to be called "The Bollartist" or "Bollard Bob" or somesuch name.

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