Emotes : Defenders of the Web !

brought 2 u by Evergrow Ltd : check out The Emotes . . . a kool ickle toy ( 2.5" & 9" fig line ), online comic & clothin' combo ! it's not totally fresh but, fun & funky : more @ www.emotes.com


Clutter Maz said…
Hmm.. Not convinced by these. The Website is cool, but far too much of a faf for me. I can't stand sites which ate too complicated to find out info. There is just too much there and it distracts from what you are actually looking at. So i turned it off. I also hate websites with too much noise! Who needs all that racket??. The off button only seemed to turn off the music!

Hmm maybe I am just grumpy today?
Aw, I quite like the music, sounds farty and farty noises are always funny in my book. Know wot ya mean, it took too long to load I thought too. Shouldn't really diss websites whilst ours is still offline though! Heehee
HA! I hear you about the complexity and noise on the website...we are working on it. Thanks for checking out the Emotes. We are officially launching them on July 29th. I am an author of the kid's books that go along with these characters. Our goal is to (in a fun/hip way) teach kiddos (and parents) that feelings are cool and nothing to be ashamed of. Each Emote embodies a different emotion (i.e. Boom "the angry" and Abash "the embarrassed"). I just started a blog as well...that is if you'd like to see more of these dudes. There are however no "farty noises" however. Sorry. :)
Matt Casper, MA MFT

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