APEy nu year !

followin' on from Luc's post : a APEy nu year to you all . . . i trust you all had a rockin' Xmas & merry New Year. i have to be honest, i didn't do much this Xmas : well apart from eat & sleep ! my nu year was also chilled, as my girlfriend picked up a nasty ickle bug ( from her nephew ) & spend most of her time in the bog ! anywhoooooooo, as RobotBoy mentioned it's been a busy start to the year. unfortunately there's a shed load of stuff we can't mention or show ( for the time being ) but, let's just say we're been in cahoots with several of the ' big boys ' workin' on some very tasty designs / customs which will be hittin' the streetz very soon ! however we can big up the NY Toy Fair custom Dalek Show we've been involved with - thx to Dok A : top guy. we can't share any of our designs just yet but, there's a sneak of what's to come below. hopefully you've all saved a ickle Xmas cash to purchase a Jasper Stank, who hits the shops at the end of this month. we can't wait for dis stinky fella to hit the palm of your hand - he's badass ! big up to Dan&Dan. keep ya eyes peeled for newz on our Spiky Baby Series 5 release, nu street stickas & my Top 5's : which has moved off our website to it's nu home on our blog. peace & fruitfulness in ' 07


toysrevil said…
hhhmmmm dalek's looking mighty intriguing! ... am gonna be lurking/staking-out here more often! *muahahahaha*

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