And a Happy New Year

Bah, somehow the image corrupted the first time I posted this message so apologies if it all sounds half familiar. Anyway, as I was saying, we just completed some Dalek designs for new York Toy Fair, hopefully one or two of them might make it through to the final cut. We'll be posting them on here no doubt in the near future... Above is how the image should have always looked, one panel from four for a kinda secret project which may or may not happen (as is so often the way with these things.) If anyone has been to Hong Kong Toy Fair and spotted my Robot-B custom on Gary Thinking's stand, drop us a line, I'm still not sure the couriers got it out there in time to display. Hope y'all had a nice festive season and good new Year. I have rsi and ticks from extended concerts as a Rock God courtesy of Guitar Hero, blame Miranda from Clutter who forced me and my pardner to become addicted. Even the Shop Assistant warned us to make sure we remember to leave the house occasionally, it's a work of genius and great reason not to bother with a PS3 when there is still so much potential in ol'2 Our New Year Top 5s will be comin' soon.......


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