US of Ape

now i'm back on UK soil, i thought i'd drop a few lines highlightin' some of my US finds : Boston Bodega : this shop is hype - it's disguised as a crappy, dirty convience store ( complete with dead bugs in the window) but once inside, man; it'll blow ya socks ! there's a secret door ( disguised as a fizzy drinks vending machine ) which slides open and you step on through . . . once in, it opens out into this awesome, clean cut, supa limited sneaker shop ! they got hot T's too : Mike, Alife, Dr. Romanelli . . .

Jack Frost : not so lush was the freezin cold wind . . . man, i've never been so cold ! NYC

Bape : nuff said . . . if ya know me, you know i wear Bape : so imagine how much i waxed, especially as the £ is soooooooooooooo strong . . . xtra suitcase for Mr. Ape please !

Supreme : tucked away, not far from Soho is the Supreme shop . . . one word : lush !

i could go on but, RobotBoy will kill me for taking up so much space on da blog : tee hee ! more US of Ape snapz soon . . . peace out


Kenn Munk said…
the disguised shop idea is just such a gutsy move. I love it!
TriclopsApeman said…
dude, this place has to be seen / experienced to be believed : it's one of the best shops i've checked !

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