Action Figure of the Month

okay, so we're a bit late on this >> in fact, the blog has been taking a batterin' of late as studio work has been silly busy... anyway, i digress... good friend of the Clops, Jesse DeStasio ( one half of Toy Pizza & Knights of the Slice ) has a brand new, shiny Kickstarter champaign called ' Action Figure of the Month ! '  it's a geat idea and the guys have already smashed their target BUT just in case you've missed it or haven't yet signed up, today is your last day. click 'ere for all the lowdown... like i say, it's a bangin' idea - recapturing that thrill of clipping proof-of-purchases from the back of a cereal box and mailing it in to await a very special action figure ( that would arrive in the mail ) is deffo a winner. go-go-go !!


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