been a minute...

so, it's been a minute since we last updated the blog >> apologies, it's been mad busy over 'ere at Triclops Towers as our studio is runnin' at full throttle & sadly ( thanks to our shonky landlord ), we've had to pack down & relocate our LDN toy boutique, Toy Shack. at present we're currently lookin' for a new / better location and we hope to have news soon, so keep it locked ! in the meantime we'll be takin' the Shack on tour and participating in several Con's & kool shop pop-ups within the next few months. first up is ToyCon UK at York Hall, Bethnal Green in LDN on Saturday 25th April, so make sure you have tix & come thru... usual Shack 80s + 90s toy vibes plus, a small slither of ' Art ' toys from around the globe via guestin' artist who'll be rotating on/off our booth all day.


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