Rotten X ' Milky Way ' edition

i've been hypin' dis nu Rotten X variant / drop via my Instagram feed ( just search ' robclops ' ) as it's been a bit of a whirlwind and i haven't really had the time to blog >> does anyone read blogs anymore anyway ?! however, whilst munchin' my falafel-based lunch i found a few mins... the ' Milky Way ' edition is limited to just x10 pieces ONLY. the demand for this mega collab figure ( us, Tru:Tek, Zectron, Rampage Toys, Skull Head Butt ) has been insane & x8 have already been pre:ordered via my IG feed, so there's just x2 left ! if you wanna snag one drop me a line ( ) ASAP as they won't be around much longer, fact. info wise - he's 9″ tall / 5 points of articulation / cast in a gorgeous milky light pink with red lamé / solar system inspired paint job ( courtesy of Rampage Toys ) of blue, purple, yellow & black  + copper worms & highlights !! all for a mere $95 plus P&...  but that’s not all, Tru:Tek has a version droppin' too, the ' Albino ' Rotten-X ( below). on sale from dis Friday from 9pm UK time. it's a completely different colourway so yeah, snag 'em all & start buildin' your Rotten X Squad today !


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