InAction Figure Show >> UPDATE

another wee sneak of our Xclusive nu B.A.S.T.A.R.D figure for the pendin' InAction Figure show happenin' next Saturday @ the Clutter Gallery in NYC. ' Might Duck ' comes in the iconic Disney colourways of purple, teal and white and there's only x6 up for grabs. followin' in the infamous footsteps of our previous InAction entries, Harmful Avenger + Teenage Mutant Ninja Tortoises they'll ONLY be available @ the show or failing no sales on the night [ eeeeek ], via the Clutter website. FULL reveal + artwork sooooooon...other peeps showcasing nu works include : 2bitHACK, 8-bit ZOMBIE, BigManToys, Bombermat Toys, Credenda Studios, Danny Frankenstein, Dave Bondi, Death Cat Toys, DLL Customs, DMS, Eric Nilla, Falcon Toys, Fantastic Planet Toys, Galaxxor, Goodleg Toys, Healeymade, Josh Longo, Kaboom Toys!, Killer Bootlegs, LRG/Plastic Imagination, ManOrMonster?, Marty “TheGodBeast” Hansen, MonstreHero, MuscleThings Laboratories, Nama Niku, Schmucklord, Scott Wilkowski, Scraped Resin, Star Case, Sucklord, The Tarantulas, Ted Terranova (Rivet Wars) and Tone Tank


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