Kid Screwball

hot off the press >> Strange Kids Club & Disart ToyLabs pay tribute to a staple of 80s gross-out depravity with their 1st ever collaborative release, the Strange Kid Screwball >> inspired by legendary toy designer James Groman's illustration for SKC's ongoing Circle Jerks sticker line, the stunning Madball-esque sculpt was originally undertaken by artist Jose David Cifuentes Ulloa as a fan project, quickly sparking the interest of SKC editor, Rondall & ultimately leading to a full scale toy release. 3D printed and now currently in the hands of Tru:Tek over at Disart ToyLabs, the 3" x 2" figure is set to come hand cast in a bouncy, keshi-style rubber, with a number of different colorways and micro-runs planned in the near future- the first of which coming in the form of an SKC store exclusive early next month...


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