Triclops ToyCon Xclusives #3

last one for dis week >> the resurrection of the mighty, Tanklopula - dis time in keshi ! originally a 3-way between us, Jesse De Stassio & The Tarantulas; NOW it's a 5-way toy orgy with Rampage Toys & Tru:Tek gettin' in on the hot rubbery action !! the nu run is now fully interchangeable & 100% Glyos compatible. there'll be x15 ( each coming in a special one-off colorway inspired by a wide variety of 80s & 90s pop culture ) on the Disarticulators booth and x5 limited edition ' hot pink ' Tanky's for sale with us. ours will also come with a Xtra missile-like mini B.A.S.T.A.R.D resin figure, called DUM DUM... WIP sneak below. priced @ £35 a pop so again, no nappin' !!


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