Toy Shack

OK, so we've been harpin' on about Toy Shack for a week or so now >> so time to share some snaps of the place and thank everyone who has supported us whilst gettin' the shop ready ( especially my wife, Max ) as well as swung-by in our first few weeks of toy tradin' ! it's been a stressful time jugglin' the shop fit & runnin' the design consultancy but, now the dust has settled we're slowly findin' our feet. another special S/O to the very talented Mr. Oldham who popped by the day before we opened the Shacks shutter & took some lush pics of the shop, the toys & us ! come through, hang out & buy some kool toys >> Toy Shack / No47+48 / Wood Street Indoor Market / Walthamstow / London / E17 3HX Toy Shack


Unknown said…
whats the name of the first toy? the action figure with the garlic head
He's called Garlic Man and he's the baddie from Little Dracula ;)
Unknown said…
thanks bro

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