The Rotten Tomato Ball !!

OK, so we're a little slow to post-up one of our own collab projects >> blame jugglin' work-work, the shop & ToyCon prep ! so yeah, " The Rotten Tomato Ball " was fully reveal over on the Man-E-Toys blog just before ToyCon and since is world Xclusive release @ LDN's 2nd ToyCon it's gone on to cause quite a stir ! the collab project ( between us & the Disarticulators ) is a urethane rubber ball, 3" round & weighting in at whoopin' half a kilo. it's first run is NEARLY sold out BUT, hold tight as we'll be sellin' our ' ToyCon Rejects ' real soon and there's a few “Rip(p)er Red” &“Green Meanie” colourways in dat drop. £45 a pop.... stay tuned !


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