thank you & ( what a ) good nite... plus, buy our Dunny APs NOW SOLD OUT!!

BIG shout out to all who braved the pissy rain last nite & came along to the Dunny 2012 series launch + signin' @ Kidrobot LDN >> full house, with Dunnys being pulled left, right & centre ! firm faves were definatley the Xclusive Sucklord Dunny, AttaBoy, Junko Mizuno, JPK's variants & yeah, ours !! no Kronks' tho... everyone seemed hyped for that one, i reckon if anyone had pulled-it body parts would have been traded !! also many thx to all who wanted their Sword Swallower Dunny signed & blanks doodled on... hope we didn't ruin them for ya !! shout out to JPK too, nice to hang, gas & doodle with him >> keep an eye out ( on eBay probably ! ) for several Xclusive Triclops x JPK Foomi collabs !! *look, Mum >> only 2 chins !! so yeah, our Sword Swallower APs... well, we have a limited number so it's first come, first served ! They're £10 / $16 ( + P&P ) a pop & each figure comes with an Xclusive mini sword ( best fit = right hand, as shown below ) & signed insert art card... hit us up on if you want one >> screw eBay, support the artists & get 'em direct !! thanks in advance.(Update - APs are now SOLD OUT thank you!) two more thank-yous... 1) to Munky & all the wicked K'Bot krew for lookin' after us, as always & 2) Cris Rose for lettin' me pike his rather nifty blk+white snaps... expect some Kidrobot snaps + interviews to appear in the next few days too : keep it Clops !


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