Stussy x John K >> a 90's ting !!

i think over the last 2yrs or so Stussy have done some of the freshest collabs in the ' streetwear ' game >> and this one is NO exception... the legend that is cartoon god-like genius, John K. Ren & Stimpy, Weekend Pussy Hut, The Ripping Friends the list goes on ! so yeah, for their Summer '12 collection, Stussy got John to create a series of t-shirts... he also created an animated commercial reminiscent of the retro-style in-show commercials that were a vital part of Ren & Stimpy back in 1991 :

Stussy - John K. from Stussy on Vimeo.

> soooooo gud... the collection is now available over on or LDNs finest, Hideout... mine's already ordered !!


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