The Melty Misfits

got, got, got, NEED, NEED BADLY !!! this felt strange openin' these >> a similar feelin' i used to get when i would dart home on a Sunday morning after visitin' the local paper-shop, with my Dad, pockets full of GPKs ! this was when i was around 10yrs old BTW - not last week !! the Buff Monster along with Sidekick have created a true ' love letter ' to all things GPKids-like... Buff's artwork is simply stunnin' & the way each card / character / character's name plays a little homage to it's original source is a lush touch. so too are the sketch cards, tiled backs, bonus cards etc all included in this 1-30 a + b series : my favourite touch is the tiled ' original art ' backs at a 1:1 drawn scale : anyway go get 'em while stocks last >> Buff Monster Store


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