Triclops @ KAPOW! #4

so it's nearly a week since we braved the hardcore ( i was gonna say ' sweaty ' then ! ) comic crowds & shared our wares @ KAPOW! Comic Con in LDN >> not sure if it was a busy as last year but, it was still a big old buzzy event with a good mix of comic & toy peeps, young & old... we rocked the ' Muji Minimum ' look over on stand #30, which seemed to work as we had a nice stream of punters all day. our 2 IP's went down well with the Con's younger audience ( which is who they're aimed at so yeah, we were dead chuffed with the feedback ) and our mighty B.A.S.T.A.R.D's line, big & small did us proud. to be fair it appealed more to the toy heads than the comic geeks but, either way stock sold & smiles were raised... BUT don't fear if you missed out because we'll be placing the remaining stock on-line very very soon ! if ya desperate to ear-mark any then please drop us a mail, and we'll see what we can do BUT we're not promisin' anything !! so, random snaps to finish off our KAPOW! experience >> enjoy as always big-ups to everyone we met & hung out with, nu & old always a pleasure never a chore ! #Peace


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