GoldRun x Clutter Mag

we've been mentioning this ' Designer Toy Scavenger Hunt ' for a while now >> well, 2moz is launch day !!! but what's the beef ? well Gold Run and Clutter Magazine have joined forces to drop one of the koolest, biggest augmented reality toy scavenger hunts in smartphone history... the Designer Toy Run will consist of three different types of runs all varying in geographic scope to maximize community gameplay : first, a globally available hunt; second, a city-specific hunt available in New York, London, San Francisco, and Chicago; and third, a location-specific hunt that will be deployed within 3 high-traffic locations throughout the 4 available cities.

GoldRun X Clutter from Clutter Magazine on Vimeo.

Starting November 10 and running over the course of 6 weeks, the toys will be rotated twice a week in the GoldRun app to optimize exposure for all 38 artists in participation and provide a well diverse selection of collectibles for those playing. All players are encouraged to share photos over Facebook and Twitter for a chance to win the toy of their choice. Competing against each other across the leaderboard, the players with the most points win actual designer toys. With a selection of over 250 toys ( includin' our Winston Stitch ) there is a wealth of prizes to be had for the seasoned designer toy collector or the budding fan.


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