Wanted : Toy Hunters !

OK, so the cat is outta the bag >> before we harp on, big-ups to Lunartik for puttin' our name forward... so what's the score : well GoldRun allows you to track down, interact with and collect virtual objects placed all around your city and share them with your friends - in a nut shell they're a mobile augmented reality platform. so what's this gotta do with ' designer ' toys & Triclops !? well goldrunners, they're hosting the 1st Agumented Reality Toy Scavenger Hunt. the quest will last for 1 month ( startin' late Sept, actual date TBC so keep it Clops for an update ) & will run in cities across the US. GoldRun will virtual place toys around the cities for people to hunt down & track using the mobys. there's loads of top designers ( & their toy releases ) involved - even us !!! each have submitted actual toy product which if located in multiple locations can be won for real ! we've submitted a Rene London Dunny & a Winston Stitch so good hunting... actually this isn't an Xclusive thing : if you'd like to get involved & submit some of your toys for the game click 'ere & follow the instructions >> be quick tho, entry d-day is rapidly approaching ! Link


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