SDCCoverage #2

OK, better late than never ( blame bad jet-lag, suspected DVT - it's not BTW, and a big-ass client project which needed finishin' before we could even unpack ! ) but 'ere we go with a few posts re. our recent trip to a sunny San Dimus. as always it's a mixed bag affair for us >> the opportunity to do a bit of consultancy work, plus larkin' around with gud friends we rarely get to see these days... anyway ere's some random moby snaps - nothin' special cause let's be honest by now we've all had SDCC-OD anyway. massivE shout-outs to the 3 wise men Matt, Jesse & Don for lettin' get involved in the GFS again... without a doubt the best laugh / stand / concept @ SDCC. way too many funny stories to tell & like a stag doo >> what goes down @ the 'Con stays @ the 'Con !!! big-ups to all we hung, boozed, met & chatted with and much peas & loaf to Paul K + Melissa, the SUCKLORD, Greg, Joel, Skinner, Marc, Ralph, Kirkland, Sean B, Connell, our road trip buddies Holly + Jonjo, Maz + Josh & all the DTA krew, John W, Jessie D, Vickie, PLUS old buds 4 life Chris & Ali. apologies if i've missed anyone off the list >> like i said, blame the jet-lag, suspected DVT & the studio workload #PEACE sorry, one more BIG thank-you to everyone that bought something off us @ our GFS stint... we virtually sold out & the response to our B.A.S.T.A.R.D's line was amazin' >> so cheers for all the support - and for those asking we will be makin' more v. soon, so keep it Clops for updates & drop dates !


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