GPK1988 #1

GUTTED we're not in this >> Gallery 1988 are doin' a Garbage Pail Kids show... ere's the lowdown : Gallery1988 ( Melrose ) is proud to announce its upcoming show to kick off September, a month both gallery locations will celebrate as " Childhood Items We Miss The Most Month ". First up is an official tribute to the grossest trading card set ever produced, Garbage Pail Kids... 2 years in making, Gallery1988 will continue to be the world's #1 destinations for pop culture art, this time collaborating with a product that, in many cases, was the first instance of collectable art in our buyers' childhood lives ( it was ours ! ). Opening Friday September 2nd, you'll see the results when over 100 of your favorite artists were asked to create their own Garbage Pail Kids, and some may even become actual cards soon ! Produced with our friends at Topps and The Hundreds, this show will be of epic proportions. Stay tuned for more information about the show, upcoming collaborations between The Hundreds and GPK ( and how you can get the first t-shirts at G1988 ), as well as a screening of the cinematic gem, " Garbage Pail Kids," with our pals at Cinefamily ( The Silent Movie Theater ) that you can attend on September 3rd !


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