SDCCoverage #1

Apart from the laryngitis and jetlag, we're having a rip-roaring time at San Diego Comic Con. Yesterday's Global Figure Symposium appearance at the Onell Design booth was a stormer with B.A.S.T.A.R.D figs being well received. Hundreds or tens, well, at least ten people wait patiently for our wares to go up on sale.... Apologies to the disappointed peeps who couldn't score a set of Jeff Lam figs from us, we only had 3 and could have easily sold 10. Great first look at October Toys' OMFG figures, pretty hefty scale. All looking amazing, we have our set ordered..... Top notch stuff on Super 7 as always.... Here's the DTA we presented to them last night for their Shogun Stormtrooper... Awesome Star Wars project by Bwana Spoons, really cool paintings sadly not for sale... More pics to come once we download them....


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