Werewolf in LDN !

in a tit-4-tat image pike from gud bud Andy aka ToysRevil ( he swiped some of our Dok A bits 'n bobs ) ere's a few snaps from Kidrobot's LDN store showcasin' our ' TRIcanthrope ' Foomi custom created for Kidrobot's MUNNYWORLD MUNTH + MEGA Contest ! there's a few more snaps over on Kidrobot's KRonikle


are you kidding? i swiped EVERYTHING from Dok A's show muahahahaha

Werewolf-Foomi is looking awesome. Tanklopula be looking mighty intriguing, and no doubt fun! Congrats!
Thanks for the comments duder, means a lot comin' from the Blogmeister Supreme!

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