Mr Whistlecraft astonishes

Messrs Apeman and my good self partook of a road trip in our horseless carriage this Friday last. Across country we jaunted, to the delightful spa town of Bath. There, we sought out the establishment of our companion Mr. Ryan Coyle which he has seen fit to entitle 'Ik'sentrik' and stock with many and various contemporary wonders. Downstairs we viewed such marvellous delights as have never before been constructed. Etchings and characters from the bizarre imaginings of one known only as Doktor A. And, occasionally, Mr.Bruce Whistlecraft Esq. Mr. Whistlecraft himself gave us a hearty welcome with much gay banter and a special viewing of his good lady wife and young Maximillion the Junior Doktor. Fortunately, we had the good sense to pack our cinematography equipment so were able to record the entire display of his machinations for posterity. The Doktor has endeavoured to produce most glorious curiosities this past 12 months and now these marvels are to be displayed to the public until such time as they are no longer. We heard tell of travellers from as far afield as Romania attending the debacle, collectors across the globe had clamoured to secure a trinket for their personal delictation with almost the entire caboodle being sold out before the very night's end. A most enchanting accumulation, Mr Apeman and myself were both astonished and entranced by proceedings and felt very honoured to have witnessed the occurrence. We saw fit to take several photographic likenesses for your benefit, dear readers and you can gain access to them with a singular click here.


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