so Kapow Comic Con >> kinda what i expected from a UK stab @ SDCC... bad cosplay & way too many peeps with nasty BO problems BUT never-the-less a good laugh ! shout-outs to the Geek Squad for rollin' deep >> RUDO, the Villain, Enclave, StKhouse and of course Jackademus, Adam, Nick + Dan & Dan ( aka ' Dave ' ) for destoryin' artist alley with their respected releases Tinpot Hobo & Cartigan it'll be interestin' to see how it grows & morphs... hopefully less shoppy-shops & more artists doing / selling their own stuff >> be nice to see a decent ( dare we say SDCC ' designer-like ' ) toy aisle too. anyway highlights includin' this hand painted Spiderman and this Amazing Friends cell ( signed by Stan ' The Man ' himself ) & these He-Man + Ghostbusters x RoboCop comic covers !?
*cosplay group shot piked from Ain't It Cool News


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