Kracka & Foomi

Kidrobot's do-it-yourself toy universe expands this year with the intro of 2 nu characters / platforms >> KRACKA & FOOMI ! they're both available to purchase now so head-on down to your local K'Bot shop... the introduction of these 2 nu MUNNYWORLD stars kick-starts the launch of MUNNYWORLD Munth & Mega Contest to help celebrate K'Bot have hand-picked a bunch of global artits how will customise one of the nu characters for in-store displays... from the 1st of April you'll be able to swing by the LDN store & see our effort ( working title - TRIcanthrope !? ) along with other one-off custom pieces from Cris Rose, Squink!, Stu Witter & many more. they'll be for sale too >> right, we better get a move on then - we haven't started ours yet !


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