what izzzz you ? TINPOT HOBO is gud bud Jack Lawrence’s 1st creator-owned title for 7 years & breakin' news >> it's launchin' @ this years Kapow Comic Con !!!

Mr. Lawrence and us go waaay back, but for those unfamiliar with this talented juggernaut he's probably best known for providing the art for ' Lions, Tigers and Bears ' ( Image Comics ), but started out his comic career with another creator-owned series called ' Darkham Vale '. Jack sent us a few page teasers to get ya juices flowin' plus, the lowdown on TINPOT HOBO >> The galaxy is at peace, governed by the United Galactic Congress. But on every planet and Starstrip, the last threat to public safety thrives: CRIME. Freelance police officers known as Custodians protect the people from the thieves, murderers and scum of the galaxy. As a criminal organisation, THE SYNDICATE, grows more powerful with each passing week, an idealistic young woman, Samantha Riley, takes her first steps into her Custodian career with a crew she doesn’t know and a ship she’s never flown…" TINPOT HOBO is a sci-fi cop adventure, full of aliens, starships, mystery and intrigue.” Says Jack - “ It’s something I’ve wanted to do for about five years, but my workload just hasn’t allowed for it. With Kapow coming up, I figured now was the time! ” TINPOT HOBO will be self-published under ' KOTHKROM STUDIOS ' a creative partnership Lawrence shares with his long-time friend, Adam Lawrence. Adam, a 3-D digital modeller, provides the spaceships for TINPOT HOBO. we'll be hangin' with the Lawrences at their stand during Kapow weekend, April 9th & 10th ( more on why soon - KEEP IT CLOPS ! ) so if you're attendin' swing-on by & grab a copy >> we've seen most of the 1st issue & it's jawdroppingly tasty ! and if you're not around, head on over to indyplanet.com shortly after the Con to purchase.


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