Real Deal Nibber !

i'm gonna make a lot of peeps jealous now >> i've already got an Antimatter Black RealxNibber sittin' proudly on my work desk... believe me the hype hype hype is justified : it's a proper 'vinyl meatball' ( as Matt Onell calls it ) & i'm sure when it goes on sale ( this Fri over @ The Tarantulas online shop aka Fishtank Castle ) it'll fly within mins ! RealxNibber is a 3-way colab between Chris ( The Tarantulas ), Mori ( RealxHead ) & Matt ( Onell Design ) with a helpin' hand from the Don, DataDub ( Fig-Lab ). it's fresh, original and a funkin' bargin at £25 plus P&P ! it's amazn' what can be born in a sweaty corner of a SDCC stand >> roll on this years Con !


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