French Fancies #1

Apeman and I had a great day in Paris yesterday checking out the toy shops and trying to bring as much of what we found as possible home with us! Highlights as always were lulu-berlu (a total wonderland stacked with vintage toys, a lot of it mint in pack) and Artoyz. I picked up a nice haul of small figs (I don't have the space for any more big ones!) but couldn't resist the David Horvath 'My Friend Dave' fig (centre), probably because it's sculpted by T9G, my faves.. Namecheck/rundown (clockwise from top left) : Mr Teeny (chase fig from the Kbot Simpsons series), Cosmix foil bag, Mini Kotaro keyring from T9G, Toxic Crusaders slug figure (think these are authentic Troma releases), Dude with the ginger hair is a superdeformed Dragonball character, bootleg M.U.S.C.L.E. Sunshine fig, some kind of pirate/book character!, Cosmix character, amazing Captain Herlock grey minifig, unknown red robot dude, unknown orange and red robot dude, Asterix, Lucky Luke. *above is my stash >> a slightly smaller gatherin' of acid coloured toy randomness... chuffed to bits with my big-ass Alf (he'll sit nicely along side my bootleg ET) plus, the Secret Base T2K2 Bottle, Battle Beasts Miner Mole and the Blackstar Gargo fig - he's the one that looks like a bat; outta-hell !


The Tarantulas said…
John K. said…
Wow, 1st time I have ever seen those Toxic Crusaders items. Jealousy!

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