R.I.P // ' Resurrection ' of Inspeclops Gadget

We recognise that custom toys are often just a labour of love. They don't always sell, they're sometimes for small shows that very few people hear about and their production is time-consuming when sometimes we are damn busy on other stuff and barely make the deadline. So, with these musings in mind, it made hearing the news that our 'Inspeclops Gadget' custom for the Sketchbot 2 show arrived so damaged that the guys at Munky King said it was too bad to show all the more crapulent. Thanks a bundle to UPS whose brown livery could not be more apt given the shit service they have afforded us. That's the first and last time we will ever use you and we would wholeheartedly recommend to everybody else that they give said stinkers a wide berth. Rant over, feast your eyes on this digital version of the custom in question since you will never see it in the flesh. I would have stomped on it myself if I'd have known and saved us £60 shipping. *UPDATE* Looks like maybe the little guy is salvageable after all. Fingers crossed he'll be joining the show / for sale page soon... you are all safe to consider using UPS again although I still think there must be better colours than brown for corporate identity !


Unknown said…
I won't use them ever. That's a dope custom I was at the munkyking show for the sketchbots show. If I had the money I woulda bought that, looked super sweet. I'm sorry to hear that you had problems with those asshats. RIP Inspeclops Gadget.
Hehe, asshats is the perfect compliment for them. Cheers for the kind words Angela. Hope you enjoyed the show, looked cool on spankystokes.com

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