haulage part 2

Finally getting round to downloading all of the SDCC photos and this one was tagged onto the end of the memory card ...... lot's of goodies scored at the Con including (amongst other things) Gargamel mini figs, Sketchbot, nice freebies from George at October toys, Chris of the Tarantulas and Monstrehero, signed Turf issue 2 from Jonathan Ross and Tommy Lee Edwards at Image comics (very nice chaps they were too) plus Super 7 bargains from the San Francisco store and a batch of good stuff from Double Punch which is another SF shop well worth a visit. Chinatown SanFran is good for toy browsing, unearthed a bargainous David Horvath robot and the aforementioned suspected Eric So minifigs. Front of shot is freebie Comic Con Mossman deodourant from Mattel, a subtle ploy to cosplayers to cut down on body odour. Sadly unsuccessful for the most part.


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