Triclops @ SDCC #1

the first of a few Cloppy SDCC sneaks is this rather tasty EyeBall Pouch... created in collaboration with the super talented ( & Cavey creator ) Holly @ A Little Stranger - the second collab in as many months, check out : A Little Stranger x Triclops wallets. made from baseball material dis pouch is gonna be ideal for carryin' my Con change & foldin' money >> for more info & snaps, head across to the A Little Stranger blog :


krakit said…
Are there any of these left
for sale? If so, how much?
Hi there Krakit,
The eyeball coin purse was a cheeky prototype from good buddy Holly at Alittlestranger but we'll drop her a line and find out how much for one for your good self.....
Cheers, glad you likey

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