spotted @ SDCC...

strugglin' to keep on top of all tings SDCC @ the mo >> i would blame tha jetlag, but let's be honest it's the parties, booze & late nites with the best bunch of toy peeps two UK chooches could have ! once we're on UK soil we promise to do some kinda lowdown report tingy & shout outs, but in the mean time ere's a snap of our new Dunny design which was previewed on the KidRobot SDCC booth : *if you haven't guessed already it's the one with the brrrains ! dis snap was piked off San Diego homeboy John ' SpankyStokes ' who was just one of many bods we bumped into @ the Con to quote Alex Pardee ( via twitter ) " Best. Con. Ever ! is something a LOT of us said this year but probably NOT something the nerd who got stabbed in the eye with a pen said. "


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