Dead Presidents x Onell

WOW, super limited edition Armodoc painted up by the talented digits of Matt Walker AKA Dead Presidents Designs >> RUDE BOY loads more over @ all designs go on sale ( $60 ) this comin' Sunday ( 11th July ) @ 6pm est. following on from this run there'll be another NON-CON exclusive, available the week of SDCC - booth #4937... & breakin' news re. Triclops x Onell : we'll be taking part in the artist crossover happening on Matt's SDCC stand this year !!! Luc & i are thrilled + honored to be involved, so keep 'em Clops as next week will see the rise of our nu Glyos figure BRainos >> more soon


Neil said…
Those Armodocs are the dogs danglies arnt they, love every one of them!

Great news about you dong the gfs with Matt, you'd been a bit quiet on the glyos front recently I was worried your stuff might of hit some snags! Can't wait for the full reveal the name is awsome!

I'll repeat what I said on Chipfork Afrocomb, don't forget your buddies here in the uk ; with your fancy sdcc releases ;) we want cool figs too haha and I still want a clopos!!

Have fun over there guys!
TriclopsApeman said…
big thanks man >> yeah, Consultancy work has been pretty full-on recently so a lot of our 'night-time' projects have had to take a bit of a back-burner. BUT fingers crossed BRainos will be ready in time for SDCC ! we'll try our best (depending on numbers)to keep a few back in the Studio for non-con-ers :) hopefully they'll make an appearance on our nu, shiny Clops Shop... another night-time project which has had to take a back-burner ! PEACE
Neil said…
Good news on the day shift being busy, that's what you want without it there would be no night projects so glad to hear your being kept on your toes!!

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