Toys R UsA #2

OK, since our return to a rainy LDN i've been rather slug-like... i blame too much Jack & not enough sleep ! anywhooo followin' on from Luc's post, ere's a quick snap-shot ( click to enlarge ! ) of my recent US toy purchases : highlights include a bootleg Werewolf ( thx Dollar Tree ! ), Ron English's fat alien, Mayor McCheese, Captain Caveman + Secret Squirrel ( by Funko ) and mini Freddy Kruger... non-purchos highlights include : purple & blk Armodoc fig ( the best vinyl fig i've seen dis year without a shadow of a doubt ), Onell x L'amour Supreme Zombie Phyden, and ' Buffalo Bill ' from 90's Wild West Cow*Boys ! massivE thx to Matt Onell for all of these and many, many more goodies... too many to mention, you're a propa gent : we owe you BIG time !


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