we've been lucky enough to be involved in a few shows recently... first up the Lunartik Tea Cup Custom Tour which kicked off @ LDN's Forbidden Planet a week or so ago : congratz to mr JOnes who's done a lush job organisin' the tour & the actual toy itself. we're not sure how long the display is gonna be up for, so if you're in the hood go check F.Planet quick smart-ish. for more snaps ( of the window display, the customs & Matt's signing ) head on over to his FlickR next stop, Amsterdam & Outland Records... show No2, the Sucklords's SUPER SUCKOFF 2 : Long Island, Queens was the venue for the second SUCKOFF installment... & the second appearance for our custom Sucklord 600 fig ' 3-Man '. for a propa lowdown + gossip & footage, head on over to mr Evil's top toy blog check the Suck-flickr too for snapz of all the customs - nu & old. plus, if you're interested in buying ours ( yep, it's 4 sale peepz ! ) and/or any of the others, please Email for more info. peace & thx to the Sucklord for includin' us once again :)


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