100% Design

friday afternoon saw Luc & i head across to Earls Court to check-out 100% Design + Designers Block... not bad, if a little wanky ! big props go out 2 gud buds Nick @ SuperModified Studios & SteakHouse ( aka Erin ) @ Studio SteakHaus, who were both part of probably the best ting about the expo Doing It For The Kids - a greener way to look at toys : Nick was there reppin' his MOD'bot family & mr Steak was showcasing his latest toy revolution ' Pulp Paper ' toys - made using a rapid prototype-like machine & scrap paper / magazines etc. in fact most of the toy ideas on display were pretty kool - the homemade YoYo's ( from cans of pop ) were a particular highlight. * also spotted while ' doing the rounds ' a rather pink Jon Burgerman x Deadgood chair :


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