Clops x Take That... back 4 gud !?

OK, so there hasn't been a great deal of activity on tha Blog Clops lately... summer holidays, a chocca block consultancy and a big-ass house move are to blame but fear not, time is our friend once again & we can blog & tweet ( if ya follow us on Twitter ) 'til tha cows come home ! so expect a barrage of post within the next few days re. nu Clops adventures / toys / random rubbish & utter tosh which yer might like or just simply think " WTF, those Clops boys are total dooshbags !?". anywhooo to kick tings off, can ya guess which 5" Stitch ( from the up&coming MINDstyle x Disney STITCH 626 Artist Series 2 ) is ours ??? dis Xclusive 1st look ( as spotted by mr Evil over on ToysRevil a few days ago ) was on display @ STGCC... want another clue : more Xclusive 5" Stitch news very soon... peas


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