Transformers 2

OK, before i rabbit i gotta award the best Auto BOTTY prize to Megan Fox... dammmm girl !!! now Transformers was a great popcorn movie and even though most peeps have been rippin' lumps outta the second, i actually N*joyed it. not as jaw droppin' as the first ( once you've seen one robot transform you've seen 'em all ! ), the plots weak-ish & it's arguably 20mins too long - however it's not a bad effort. opening 10mins ( set in Shanghai ) are bad-ass & the vintage SR71 Blackbird Transformer, the satelite inspired Soundwave & the Ice Cream Truck ' twins ' make great bots / characters. not sure about the ending & it's fairly obvious that most of the special effects budget went on the first 10 & last 20mins of the film - cause inbetween lacks decent robot action ! congratz to our state-side buddy & 'Bro Transformers guru, mr Archer... gud hustlin' dude ! Tri-Flicks rating : 3.5 outta 5 popcorn shaped stars


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