Revealed - Comp Arts Gatefold cover...

It's been a long time in the works, batting backwards and forwards between 20-odd artists (meaning twenty something artists, not 20 odd ones) and all being melded together by the Peskimo posse but now we can reveal the finished cover for Computer Arts Projects issue 126..... See if you can spot our contributions.... 6 characters in total (click to enlarge). Other artistes include Tado, Jon Burgerman, 123Klan, Jeremyville, Meomi, Lunartik, Superdeux, 64colors, The Swinging Seesaw, Sourbones, Aaron Miller, EBoy, Jam Factory, Motomichi Nakamura and many more besides. Congrats to Al at Computer Arts Projects for getting the whole project off the ground, we're stoked to have been involved and looking forward to receiving our commemorative print in the post :) Issue 126 is available in the UK from the 16th July... big thx to tha main mang Alan for gettin' us on board - follow him on the marvel that is Twitter here


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