OK, so one half of tha Clops ( thats me ) has finally got around to clockin' the Watchmen flick... now i'll be honest i'm not sure what to say / write other than it did absolutely nothing for me. yes i'm a fan of the comics, yes i'm a big fan of ( old skool ) Alan Moore stuff, yes i got sucked in by that SDCC trailer & at times it's nicely shot; with some tasty visual eye candy - especially miss Jupiter ! BUT 80% of the acting is pony ( Jackie Earle Haley aka Rorschach & Patrick Wilson aka Nite Owl II making up the 20% that earn their wedge. most will say Rorschach steals the show but, i've always had a soft spot for the Nite Owl & mr Wilson, in my opinion kicks ass ) and as a film the story seems disjointed & lacked that inspiring impact the comics / graphic novel had. plus the soundtrack sucks ! i totally agree with the bearded shaman himself " Watchmen is unfilmable "


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