Robotboy live in Madrid - One week only - part 3

There was a nice little cafe bar just round the corner from our hotel in Madrid. This graphic is from a beermat I piked but they had these characters on graphics in the windows and on the menus too. Plus, they seemed to be selling their own branded canned drink in there although we were too scared to order one...... Bit reminiscent of Belleville Rendezvous somehow... Littering a window sill up a side street in Chueca district were these sticker sheets. Peel off the 'eyes' , adorn an inanimate object with them, take a picture of said freshly customised object and send the piccie in to 'Vueling'? As far as I can translate the flyer (admittedly not very far), Vueling is a flight company and you can fly free with them if your photo is uploaded maybe? Any more reliable Spanish translations would be idea anyway....... check the website at


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