Let The Right One In

dis film is sooo good... Luc read the book a while back & highly recommended i get my reading spec's on & get stuck in - but time has flown by recently & i still haven't picked it up. luckily for me Swedish director Thomas Alfredson spotted the books potential ( written by John Ajvide Lindqvist ) & turned it into a well-crafted, dark-as horror flick. Let The Right One In is stunning... it's basically a vampire movie ( with a romantic thread ) set in the early 80's & tells the tale of a bullied 12-year old boy who develops a relationship / crush on a 12-year old vampire in a quite, eerie surburb of Sweden. revenge, inhuman physical feats, a high body count, vampire mythology, blood & violence... it's all there but somehow dis film manages to be sooo original & intelligent - watch ( or read ) it now ! Tri-Flicks rating ( our 1st ever ) 5 outta 5


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