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OK, one mass post to kill several thank-you's... firstly a big thx to mr Willett for my massivE Panson Kinnikuman figure. secondly a ' blat blat ' to tha Fuzzball aka The Tarantulas for not 1 but 2 ( count 'em ) XLarge tees ! what makes these tasty gifts Xtra special is that the Cookie Monster tee is his own winning design from the XLarge comp he won a while back : next up a big ta to the dude ( on the SpinMaster stand @ LDN Toy Fair ) who let us grab Xclusive Jim Phillips designed Tech Decks : shout out to the Freerange Records family too - with these sweats, tees & CD's you spoil me ! on a goodies tip ( ie : i paid for 'em ! ) check tha 80's TMNT Wyrm figure ( Ebay ), vintage Dandy annual ( Oxfam : respect tha Oxfam ) & my latest stack of Mishka tees ( box fresh from : respect the Ron ), which came with a wad of lush stickers... including my current fav, Lamour Supreme's Swamp Thing inspired Bear Mop :


The Tarantulas said…
You're welcome mang - seeya soon

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